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Rp Seeking. Feral or human.

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I've posted something like this before, but unfortunately didn't find what I was looking for, now I'm back in hopes of finding it xP
I've been in Sl for over 3 years now, and after a little break I'm back and hoping to find someone to roleplay with.
I am a para-roleplayer, I'd like to consider myself semi to literate, not a fully literate roleplayer but still good enough to provide an entertaining experience to those who choose to roleplay with me ^-^
I can play pretty much anything, I have various characters and would be willing to make a new one if needed for a specific roleplay (Honestly I love having an excuse to make new characters, I find that real fun)
I can play a human. She comes with a whole backstory but I'd be happy to make up a reason for her to be in said place or Rp
(She's 22 years old, has worked with horses and as a trainer before, knows a Lot about them. She also owns a horse, who if possible I'd Love to be able to bring over)
I can also Rp Anthros and feral creatures, from a little parrot to a dragon!
I'd be open for any kind of roleplay, I've roleplayed a K-9 before, a service dog, wild animals, house pets, you name it.
I spend 90% of my time IC (In Character), I'm not looking for a place or a family that will spend their whole time OOC.
Of course I'm fine with some random chatter and stuff every now and then, I enjoy that too, but roleplay is the main thing for me and what I enjoy the most ^-^
I'm also perfectly fine with Adult sims and that kind of stuff.
If you have any ideas
A SIM open for rp (and that will accept ferals roleplaying)
A story you want to bring to life, and need someone to Rp with you
 just send me a note in game!
My timezone is CET (SLT +9) but I tend to stay late at night many, many times ^-^

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you ❤️

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