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November 1st at The Collarsseum Club

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Friday  🎧  November 1st 🎧  


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/147/90/42

            DJ Naughty Kitty Josie 12-2pm slt     Host Fire

DJ "Naughty Kitty" Josie and her host Fire are going to light you up. Josie is bringing those hot tunes and her own blend of classic rock, rock, 80's and 90's to rock you just right. Bring your requests because they are taking over your Friday and helping you start your weekend right. 

            The Beast, DJ Luana  2-4 pm  slt  HOST: Caitlynn   
            Random prize giveaways
DJ Luana formerly known as DJ Dream is playing Metal & Rock…that music that reaches into your soul and rips out your still pumping heart.

            DJ CherryBomb    4-6 pm slt     HOST: Debra  
Come join us at The Collarsseum Club and rock out with Dj Cherry Bomb. She puts on a show with her cherry kisses and party sheep which must be seen to be believed. Dj Cherry Bomb  plays mixes, mashups, covers, rock and a mix of other music. She loves taking requests and loves interacting with the crowd.

            DJ Talya 6-8 pm slt 

Come join us at the collarsseum club an enjoy the music of DJ Talya. She generally plays Feel Good Real Good music, She plays all genres of music from Dubstep to industrial, from Blues to Metal Top 40 to Jazz and loves taking requests. 
            DJ Nivx  8-10 PM slt 
DJ Nivx brings the rock to the Collarsseum Club from 8-10 PM every Friday.Dj Nivx loves to party hard with his various tunes that keep you going all night long. He also loves to do requests, just tell him a song in the genre you’re in the mood to hear and he will line them up for ya.Soooo come join us at the Collarsseum Club.


Raffle: Paragon Animations Dance Pack


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 489 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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