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Fashionista / Shop Manager Wanted - 50/50 Profit Model - To Setup A New Store.

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I am looking for a Fashionista / Shop Manager / Business Partner to set up a new store based on affiliate vendors and outsourced custom designs.

Your role as a Business Partner / Manager, is to design the direction of the store and to hand select what will be sold. 
Your job will also be the supervision of interior design and all that.
My role is to fund the start up phase, design a marketing plan and grow the business part.
The profits after my costs have been paid we split 50/50.

Your profile:

  • You of course know everything about SL fashion, both what's hot and how the industry works.
  • You are the first one to try new SL fashion technologies. You have experience with management and work organized.

My profile:

  • I deal with frustrating bull*****, provide the initial cash flow and let you do your thing as the Manager and Fashion Expert.

Phase 1:

  1. 1. We start with affiliate vendors for a quick start up.
  2. 2. We start small in a single location.
  3. 3. We experiement with marketing and inventory.
  4. 4. We establish an automatic process to run the store.

Phase 2:

  1. 1. We focus on generating enough income to get my investment back.
  2. 2. We hire an assistant for you to take care of your repeated tasks.
  3. 3. We start planning for phase 3.

Phase 3:

  1. 1. We focus on ways to generate enough income to pay for custom designs.

Phase 4:

  1. 1. You choose the first items for a new Fashion Line.
  2. 2. We find someone to make mesh, textures and other things required, such as scripts.
  3. 3. We experiement with PR and marketing and enter the field with a boom.

Phase 5:

  1. 1. We establish the new line and make it known.
  2. 2. We begin branching out from the initial designs.
  3. 3. We begin scaling the store into more locations.

Phase 6:

  1. 1. We hire as much staff as necessary to make the growth potential unlimited.

If this provokes your interest, please send me a notecard in world, to ensure that we get connected.
Do not hesitate to include any questions you may have in the notecard so I can address these as soon as we connect.

Kind regards,

Howard Khan.

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