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Lynne Lundquist

Acoustic Gardens - Rent starting @ $100. per week

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IM Lynne Lundquist or Xander Kappler for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedenham/171/179/74

One Room Cottages L$100/wk with 100 prims
The Acoustic Hideaway Village is a romantic area of 12 cottages spaced around a beautiful central common gathering place. Great for groups of friends just staring in SL or when you just need a place to call home without breaking the bank.

Homes starting at L$425/wk and up
The beautiful courtyard where Acoustic Garden began is a central gathering place surrounded by many styles of beautiful spacious homes.  Visit the rambling brook and picnic area just off the courtyard or the camp fire.  Or be adventurous and stray off the path and discover the Excalibur Caves.

One Room Cottages at L$90/wk with 100 prims -Four Cottages located in a dense magical forest.

Two Room Cottages at L$275/wk with 200 prims-Three Cottages in a beautiful clearing tucked between the Enchanted forest and the Excalibur Woods.

One Room Cottages at L$90/wk with 100 prims- Six Cottages located in a lush and beautifully decorated woods.

Two Room Cottages at L$275/wk with 200 prims Three Cottages around the serene Willowbrae Lake.  

Tuscan themed Villas and Homes starting at $100/wk with 100 prims. Come and enjoy the traditions of a rural Italian countryside.







AD - acoustic garden.png

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