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Areta Narcissus

Looking for rp sim or group that offers more than para rp....

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On 11/10/2019 at 4:37 AM, NerDee79 said:

I understand completely. I too am looking to start/ join a group that doesn't do crazy long para RP. I'm a novice at RP though.

Awesome, keep me posted!

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As someone that still learning to rp, and specially when english is not your mother language, I dont feel para-rp as a welcoming rp, so I am more into semi-para. I prefer shorter rp to keep the story going, sometimes para-rp scenes take too long specially if in a group. When I RP I try to RP only actions and thing people can see, and I try to emote emotions through those actions, but most part of para-rp I have experienced people describe a whole paragraph for thoughts of things we wouldn't be able to see or notice, and I am even not sure if this is a thing in para-rp as I am still learning.

And I will follow this one hoping to find a good rp.

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I agree with you Daftlyn. I emote actions and things representative of emotions, like shifting around when nervous or look down a lot when ashamed. I really do not want to know anything about another's char that i can not see or possibly know.  No one wants to metagame.  I also can see how it would be easier to translate smaller amounts at a time into another language. 

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On 11/8/2019 at 9:58 AM, Syn Anatine said:

I strongly disagree.

Para RP is an evolved form of RP, but RP no less. It is not collaborative writing at all. I'd even go so far as to say Para RP is the real RP. *rping like this* and one liners are so early 2000's.

I can agree with you on this.

Roleplay isn't limited to simply one-liners, semi-paragraphs, paragraphs, or novella. 

I've never heard anyone consider paragraph roleplaying not roleplay. 

I do consider roleplay a collaboration(or co-writing) between two people. 

What you write or enjoy writing is based on preference. 

  • Some people will write one-liners
  • Other people will write paragraphs
  • Some people will do both. 

Note: The above bullets are merely examples. 

Roleplay does make use of: first person point of view, second person point of view, and third person point of view. 

I also think if you roleplay - in text - that you are a creative writer. 

I think my top roleplay pet peeves are:

  •  Too many errors
  •  Lack of chaptalization
  •  Lack of separation 
  •  Unable to comprehend what someone wrote

I think communication beforehand, during, and after is good.  

I also think there's this misconception that you must be fast when interacting with someone. I like to believe that's where the communication part comes in handy.

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Hello ; )

I have recently started a rp sim with couple of other collaborators. We have a steadily growing group of people, not all of whom have any real roleplay experience. We are open to posts of varying lengths dependent on where you feel comfortable. We are a sim where roleplay happens and is encouraged but you will not be expected to always be strictly in character.

Kushiel's Legacy novels by Jacqueline Carey is our basis.

We are having a big celebration on the 7th of December with a masked ball and would love to see some new faces there. Please contact me in world for more information.



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