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Slave seeking strict and cruel RP owner.

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I am a male, fully mesh avie that is seeking a RP story line involving a strict and cruel owner. I prefer para or semi para rp. 

A little about what I seek/like. 

I am very interested in exploring a dark RP of strict bondage, humiliation, degradation and objectification. I want to be an object of toil and suffering. Call me names, beat on me, make me feel less than human. I dont need or want cuddles and softness. Some say that its better for a slave to stay in the collar out of love and devotion. I want to experience staying in a collar out of fear and hatred. 

It doesn't matter my sexuality, you can find it out in RP if you want, but Ill serve any gender if the owner is a good fit. I am open to Gor or the BDSM world, I just ask that we make a story line, not one off scenes that have no flow. 

I am able to keep OOC out of my RP. So in IM's i'm a cool normal guy. If you want me to never speak informally to you though, that is fine as well. This can be a full time collared position as well if that what you seek. But I am not out just for a collar. 


I am not looking to have my rl controlled. I want to explore the mindset of the suffering, abused slave. 

I am SL+2 and on most evenings and all day on the weekends. 

Please IM me for any questions or if you are interested!

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