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Female Executive Assistant Wanted

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I am looking for a highly qualified Female Executive Assistant for a variety of administrative tasks in Second Life for a new business.

It is very important that you know the ins and outs of SL and can make decisions on my behalf if I'm not available in the moment it is necessary to execute.

Experience with management and administration is a must.

For the right person, I am willing to pay the right SL salary.

Your profile:
1. You can be the boss when the boss is busy.
2. You can handle a sudden change in the direction of the business.
3. You are professional and not involved with anything questionable on the account you represent me on.
4. You enjoy eating your competition for breakfast.
5. You want to commit for the long term, and expect to be well compensated.
6. You are fit to run a business in SL.
7. You can delegate and outsource to the right people to grow the operation.
8. Your English skills are great.

If I give you orders, you deliver or get someone else to do it. If you give me orders, you're fired.
If I give you work, you get paid. If you give me work, you're fired.
I'm a divergent thinker and catch opportunities very fast, you MUST be able to keep up and you MUST be able to spot a disaster on the horizon.

How you do your work is not my concern, only that we get along professionally and that the results get delivered.

If this goes well, it is possible that you become a partner in the business.

I am very ambitious, and so are you.

To apply, please send me a Notecard in world.

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