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Come celebrate the GRAND OPENING of the XRadio.Zone region with The Nexus Festival!

Six hours of XRadio DJs spinning the tunes and a special one hour tribute concert performance of The Music of Sia - an original production of Jude & Siouxie Connors, owners of XRadio and the XRadio.Zone.

XRadio Presents: The Nexus Festival


  • DJ ANT'NY VIRUS - 3PM to 5PM: The celebrations kicks off with DJ Ant'ny Virus spinning the tunes.
  • JUDE & SIOUXIE CONNORS PRESENTS: THE MUSIC OF SIA - 5PM to 6PM: Join us in an original presentation of a live tribute concert featuring the music of Sia. Siouxie and I have worked very hard on this and we are very proud of this new undertaking by the two of us. Come and check it out!
  • MAGIC CARPET RIDE with JUDE CONNORS - 6PM to 8PM: Turn on... Tune In... and Rock Out with DJ Jude Connors and the Magic Carpet Ride. You never know where the music adventure will take you!
  • PANDORA'S BOX with DJ SIOUXIE - 8PM to 10PM: Open the box and let it all escape! The Goddess of Mashups brings you the best in music on this two hour adventure!


For more information see http://www.xradio.zone/2019/10/the-nexus-festival.html -AND - http://www.xradio.zone/2019/10/the-music-of-sia.html .

Come check out the new SIM and have a great time! 

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