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Prokofy Neva

1/3 Homestead Sim of Belarus - Tier Donation Accepted

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1/3 homestead available on the east side of the unique sim of Belarus, home of the Whispering Witches, East European shamans. Current season is autumn.

$2400/wk for 21,504 m2 and1640 prims - $8,640/mo with discount.

Teleport to Belarus

You get a secluded landscape side and can terraform as you wish.

A premium account isn't required, but if you want to contribute 1024 m tier to our mainland group, you get $450/wk discount from your rent, which is then $1,950/wk.

How sweet is that, using your premium toward a homestead!

4 wks advance payment 10% discount.

Pets, skyboxes welcome. You can have security 500 m or higher and "group only" if you wish.

There's also a separate Russian wooden home for rent here with a sauna for $200/wk fully furnished, 100 prims for your use.

Teleport to Russian Lodge

IM Prokofy Neva for a group invitation. PayPal accepted (US $33.00)

Жыве Беларусь!


Trash Can_347.jpg

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