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Prokofy Neva

Ravenglass Halloween Rentals and Hangouts

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Stop by the Ravenglass Rentals office to pick up a notecard with all our Fall and Halloween rentals and hang-outs.

Here's the Autumn version of the Aquitaine skybox with a beautiful palace before you can have the use of, management prims don't count or ask to place your own.

TP to Aquitaine in Winnipeg RENTED

Green Fairy's wonderfully detailed Mill House skybox with a working mill.

TP to Mill House in Winnipeg

A wiccan home above Shaman's Bluff, a beautiful nature preserve with tidal pools. Check out the other offers there including a steampunk loft, an SL antique naturalist's home and more.

TP to Wiccan Skyhome in Atis

Be sure to check out the Haunted Monastery of St. Thaddeus, also known as St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes, whose novena began October 19.

Teleport to St. Thaddeus in Tethys

Don't miss the UnLinden Trailer where you can find the ghosts of SL's past on parade, pick up a Linden rare, and see some other rare displays.

TP to UnLinden Trailer in Atis


479170543_TrashCan_335.thumb.jpg.4a56250787f9c3aaf5e6436c6dd4fa6e.jpgTrash Can_330.jpg

Trash Can_332.jpg

Trash Can_333.jpg


Trash Can_329.jpg

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