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Account numbers


What's the official statement,thats  saying someone can have how many account numbers?

TOS may be a little outdated because I think that should be greatly upped. Some folks have 20+ and one of them is using them to harass me on.I'd just like to know what the official number is? thank you.


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There is no official number. This question is asked, on average, at least once a month and the answer is always the same.  If you look at the LL statement regarding alts, you find this:

"Your first basic account is free, and so are a few alternate accounts. However, if you create an army of alts, Linden Lab may charge a small fee of US$9.95 for the creation of each additional basic account as a way to recoup some of the cost. "

and this:

"Currently, you can create:

  • Up to five accounts per household.
  • No more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period."

The word "Currently," however, refers to 8 February 2012, at 17:13, when that page was last updated. Long before that (apparently, about 2006), Linden Lab stopped charging for extra accounts and they have rarely ever used valuable staff time to count how many alts people have.  Notice, too, that the statement says how many alts you can create, not how many you may create, so it's a statement about was was possible when the statement was drafted.  It's not a statement about what is allowed. . The statement only appears to be relevant when someone is seen to have created "an army of alts" or to have created several alts from the same IP address in a short period of time.  Even then, instructors have long been able to ask Linden Lab to let them create a whole classroom of accounts for their students.   What seems to be the sole concern is not the number of alts you may have but how you may use them.

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3 minutes ago, SamanthaPrater said:

<---Up to five account's .answers me. thanks! 

Please read the rest, however.

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