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Nalates Urriah

So what’s with peeps in RLV areas?

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Imagine. You get all decked out in your RLV gear and totally hot body and clothes. Even put on cuffs. Then TP into an RLV region and start checking out who is there.

A person walks up and says, “Hi. How are you?”

I mean, really!?! Here I am standing beside a BIG RED BUTTON wearing cuffs… and I get asked ‘how am I?’ What’s up with that? Isn't it obvious!?!

I’ve seen people in Jane’s RLV Playground handing their leashes to people. You can’t walk through the place without tripping over red capture buttons… Why do they have to be handed a leash?

So, how is an RLV playground supposed to work? I must have missed something.

And what is with the ‘polite’ captors in Capture/Prey games?

I’m in one of the regions that does bi-monthly Capture/Prey, wearing a prey tag and a person with a Predator tag starts chatting me up like working up to asking for a date. I tell him I am looking for someone a bit more macho dominate. And he tells me macho is boring… Is this guy slow or just a snowflake?

Are there any regions that actually have RLV players with some level of aggression that will click capture? Or is the whole SL grid filled with timid people? 

Am I missing some signal that indicates beyond the obvious prey tags that someone is up for a quick hookup? I mean I saw one woman with a paragraph of text saying, in RP-ese, my master said I should let anyone use me, so use me. No one had captured or leashed her while guys around me are asking how I am… WTF!?!

Surely no one goes to an RLV playground for romance. Isn’t that more a nude beach or a club thing?

What is your experience? How do you handle 'timid' in an RLV area?

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I just posted in the other thread about nudity is not consent - which is almost the exact opposite problem of the issue in this thread.

I would have said "yeah people are timid these days given current issues outside of SL", but as the other thread points out... they aren't timid.

They're just misplaced.

We need to swap out all the 'polite johns' in the RLV places with all the 'hey baby, sexxy time?' idiots in the nude clubs...

In 2018 I tried my hand at some of those AFK joints. Not often, but there were a few times when I tabbed over to that viewer and say a chat log of someone asking permission... in an AFK joint... yeah... like... people unclear on the concept...

Pop into a G-rated infohub dressed in a burqa and you will get some hot-IM-action in seconds...


I dunno what to say sometimes...


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