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Amythe Moonlight

Looking for Media Manager and/or PA

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We are  looking for an experienced Media Manager and/or PA to promote our businesses on Social Media.

The job will entail posting new events or items, weekly, to  suitable groups on Flickr and FB, raising profile of the businesses and researching new groups to join


Media Manager

You will  have excellent spoken and written English

 You will be available for occasional Skype meetings

You will  be reliable and have a passion for work.

You will  have good knowledge of Second Life and be able to show content at it's best on FB and Flickr and suggest other ways to reach new customers.

Those with good photography skills, other languages, knowledge of reaching many  SL groups on social media and inworld and who can write good copy will have an advantage.



Personal Assistant

The job will entail keeping the team on track, promoting the businesses, scheduling meetings and  dealing with clients with issues and other tasks as required ( on discussion )


You will have excellent spoken and written English

 You will available for occasional Skype meetings

You will  be reliable and have a passion for work.

You will be a team player willing to work to the directions of others

You will be organised and efficient and able to work under your own initiative when necessary

You will be good at making deadlines and helping others to do so

You will have experience in SL and understand what it takes to run a business there.

Skills such as copywriting,  excellent photography, customer relations, other languages, posting notices, hosting, and rl skills that can be used ingame would be an advantage.


The posts can be combined or seperate

Please send a NOTECARD to Amythe Moonlight  INGAME asking for an application form and naming the notecard  Application ( Job ( MM or PA or Both) ) ( Your Name )   and including any questions you have.  You will be contacted asap and may be asked to come and meet with us.



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