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Unless nudity is their "Yippee!" SKINS

Overdone Fellatio Tastes Equally Nasty BALDY

Oh Luvvies, I Value Everyone! SMILE AND....this is such addictive fun...…………..AND it's pulling in new faces, so WELCOME!!  

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4 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

Sexy manatees?  You have a VERY strange mind...well, then:

Prada, Armani, Nina designers attired C-COWS  (see what I did there?  C-cows = sea cows = manatees!)


Love your work. 

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Uh...you're welcome, Yeona.  But did you maybe post in the wrong thread?  This is a word game thread.  You create a sentence out of the last player's five letters, and give five letters for the next player.  For example, Rolig posted "FUNNY".

So...my entry...

Found Under Ned's New Yugo...LEAKS!

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