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5 letters game

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Smelly cavemen always ruin your FIATS  (ha!  back to cars!)

...screams in frustration.

Then how, unless girls scurry?


AUUUUGH!  Seicher!

Yet everyone likes pureed spinach

FIATS, dammit  (Seicher actually came first.  Her post rolled in while I was editing this the first time)


Edited by Lindal Kidd
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7 minutes ago, Lindal Kidd said:

No, I mean...I wrote a post, but you beat me to it.  Then I was editing it, when Seicher beat me again.  But since I was editing a published post, the order doesn't show that.

Oh.  Gotcha.  It was further confused because I went back and corrected the spelling of "rascally", which didn't look quite right (and wasn't) the first time.

Cleanup on aisle ten!

And we are now at THUGS


Edited by Rolig Loon
Re-establishing the order, for those playing at home. ;)
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