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Unless nudity is their "Yippee!" SKINS

Overdone Fellatio Tastes Equally Nasty BALDY

Oh Luvvies, I Value Everyone! SMILE AND....this is such addictive fun...…………..AND it's pulling in new faces, so WELCOME!!  

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I did this with the entire alphabet when I was quite young: Adversity builds character during every five heavenly interims. Just killing lust makes no open problems, queerly. Remember sometimes to use verifications. Welcome, xenophobic young Zionists!

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Abased layabout, ornery nihilistic emotions.




when I write things out like that, turning the word alone into some kind of edgy high school poetic line, I am reminded of two things

-“wow, I guess English class wasn’t a waste of time after all, maybe I’m not a brainlet”


-“wow, that’s literally the most emo teenager MySpace profile description I’ve ever seen”

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6 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

Chic, harmonious elephants vociferously yodeling?


I felt that response needed a Thanks trophy. It wasn't a usual answer but a well played answer.

Yodeling elephants. Get them in a studio, add a filter or two, maybe some auto tune and sign them to a three album deal.

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