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Beverly Hills Maternity Medical Center

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About Beverly Hills Maternity Medical Center  :
We are a fully functional maternity and pediatrics center, Opening in 2019 with a view to help families within sl stay healthy and strong, and to help those who want a family have a family, For 1 years we have been achieving all this day by day and strive in keeping all of our patients happy and well cared for Benefits  of working with us:
A close strong committed team.
Staff discounts ( on some thing )
Flexible hours


First of all we thank you for your interest in joining our team here at Beverly Hills Maternity Medical Center .
For us to consider your application we do require the following
-A minimum of 25 hours per week (flexible)
-A decent skin and shape (you have to look professional)
-Must have some form of training (Training can be provided for a cost)
-Must own at least one hud (doctors and nurses)
-Must be at least 18 in RL
-Must be atleast 60 days old in SL
-Must have experience (These will be checked)
-Must be listed in search, if you are not listed we can not contact you
-Can not have alts working with you and have both avatars paid ( only one can get paid ) 
-Must be able to listen to the CEO's and not fight with them
-Must be able to handle high stress problems and situations 
-Can be called upon when needed 
-Be able to give weekly reports to the CEO's of how things are going when on the job 
-Must be able to handle if the CEO's say you need to work on things in certain area or need more training 
-Must be able to get along with all staff 
---------------------PAY, COMMISSION & INCENTIVES------------------------ 
All Employees will receive a bi-weekly $200 (on top any commissions) work stipend every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. They must complete at least 10 hour of reception desk work a week and they must clock in so their hour can be accounted for.

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On 10/16/2019 at 12:29 PM, MelodyHaxx said:

Would it be $200 USD or 200lindens?? 

I hope it's dollar, for 25 hours/week. But if it's really linden, they are insane in their requirements.

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