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When I organize for once! (Inventory Problems)

Eggy UwU

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Good afternoon ladies and gents reading this lovely thread of mine.

PSA (Before you read): I had no idea where to post this; it's still SL related but I couldn't really think of the correct category to post this under...so I'm sorry if it's the wrong category.

I have one question for all of you today, reading this - how do you organize your inventory? (Or do you even organize it all? LOL!)

For all my shopaholics out there in the world of SL...we all know that when we buy those items or certain products, it can rack up real fast in our inventories full of endless amounts of folders.

And here's how I organized mine:


Bam three separate categories:

  1. IYC: (The club I work at) - the info and stuff I need for the club
  2. Older Folders - Organized Prior to 2019: I organized a bunch of old items I had into separate folders such as - "shoes", "shirts", etc. based on what they were
  3. Stuff to Organize from Late 2019: This is the folder that I dread the most. These are all the items I have not organized but just had sitting on the 'front page' of my inventory, desiring to be put into a category. So, now they are all scattered into some kind of folder...aka this one.

So, with this being said, to close off this thread that you're reading:

What are your biggest inventory problems and how do you organize your inventory?

Let me know by posting a screenshot or telling me how you did it...if you did...

Very best of luck to you all.




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I kinda organize, but mostly don't, not in the traditional sense.

I have folders that contain lots of boxes, I have even more boxes that contain more boxes. There was a time when my inventory far exceeded 500k items, it stayed around 300k for a few years, then finally got it under 150k last year I think, might've been earlier this year.  The other day I managed getting it under 100k, it hasn't been THAT small since I think about 2010-ish. I just recently boxed up a crap ton more really old clothes I forgot were still in folders all over in my inventory.

My folders tend to be type specific. I have lots of folders and boxes with nested boxes that have things like sculpt maps, textures, pieces and parts of things, toys, gadgets, gizmos, vehicles, super old buildings, fifty million and a ton freebies, weaponry, etc..

I have folders that contain boxes with more  boxes that are FULL of really old clothes (mis, dollyrock, damage, anyone? lmao). Most of those clothes i did not buy, someone else bought them for me-or I should say, took me clothes shopping, handed me money and said "buy it", and so I did. I haven't worn 85% of them, ever, though. I don't like clothes shopping, at all, let alone actually changing my sl clothes, lol. I used to change them more frequently when I had friends that I hung out with, because it annoyed the crap out of them when I didn't, or for specific themed events (not shopping events, actual events, shopping is not an event), but there hasn't been much point in that for many years. So that's where 99.999999% of the clothes my av does own, live, and will forever live. If you want ot know why I haven't gotten rid of them, refer to sentence #2 in this paragraph. 

My biggest inventory problem is coalesced boxes, lmao. It's not so much a problem though, mostly a "I have no friggen clue what's in that set" sort of thing, so it's more like a pleasant surprise (for me, perhaps not for anyone nearby) when I figure it out.  I periodically go to my fav sandboxes and pull those suckers out to see what's in them. I also own far too many objects named object, and things that are duplicated umpteen times over, this is what happens when you build a lot, but finish very little. I also have TONS of textures (and yes I do have a texture organizer, why I don't use it, who knows, I'm weird, I need no explanation)

But my inventory is about to get much larger because I have some boxes nested in my boxes that are just called object and I need to figure out what's in them, I may re-box them back up, but if they are what I think they are, they won't be boxed up again because I need them.

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I just throw stuff into whatever folders make sense at the moment, and leave.  Every once in a while, I put on hip waders and slog through the mess to see what lovely things I may have buried and forgotten.  Other than those times, I find that I really only pay attention to things that I have added within the past few months.  On rare occasions, I start to worry that maybe there's too much old forgotten stuff, so I go in with a shovel and toss things that don't look familiar any more.  I've been doing this for years and my inventory has stayed within a couple of thousand items of 37K.  Organization is highly overrated.

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My biggest problems are organizing the objects and received items folders. I keep packages for copy items in case I break something or want to wear it on a different avatar -- this has the downside of not being able to keep up with the boxes. I recently trashed a few outdated items, but it's barely made a dent if I'm being honest.

Everything else is categorized under its function and, if it's for an avatar, it goes into a related folder. I've also given every category a subfolder. I started doing this when I joined SL, and I think it needs an overhaul since I've retired a few categories/avatars.


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I'm a packrat. I never throw anything away, I just make new folders. I'm not sure why I have facelights in two places, I guess I forgot where I put one and so I made another.  In fact I'm not sure why I am sharing this since it is more an illustration of how not to manage inventory.  But anyway:

Top level, folders made by SL image.png.6ea73965c99b1f3a75a81c20a7ce7640.png

Sub folders made by me to sort Anims (contains one of my facelight folders, who knows why?)


Sub folders in body parts ( I never throw anything away, so yeah I still have a lola folder that I haven’t looked in in years) and look there's the other Face light folder!


Clothing – still in transition, most new stuff goes in the Omega and fit mesh folder which gets more and more sub folders as it grows


The meh folder is where stuff goes that I might throw out. The ~old folder is all the pre mesh stuff.


Then there’s the other place in clothing called New Stuff where new stuff lands which is just a holding place before I move them to their rightful place.  As you can see, I’m a bit behind in my housekeeping.  Every January I declare a moratorium on buying until I get things under control, but,  after a while I backslide and forget about it.



My objects folder is the catch all place where anything not clothing lands. There are two backups folders, the one at the top holds original boxes, the one called backed up are my boxes of boxes I made when I was trying to consolidate.


shakes my head sadly....

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On 10/10/2019 at 5:15 PM, Rhonda Huntress said:

I don't have the patience to take screen shots of my full folder structure.  Here's a sample, tho.


And I like to travel light.

I am constantly purging things I haven't worn in a long time and things I know I will never wear again (or ever :()


There isn't an emoji for "I'm truly freaking impressed"!

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