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Linden Investments

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We post and blog so much about purchasing land and more with real $USD and take it seriously on some level because it is real USD after all what why can we post, blog, and share about investing in our own LInden Government as in investor. 

We all want our Second Life voice to be heard, our lifestyle to improve. better employment, lower fees and more. I will not post the link here but look it up for yourself. 

Its all politics. If you want your voice to be heard than be more than a resident. Be an active. 

  I am Avatar Cafekan. From the moment I became Second Life Resident I decided to sign up for everything. I wanted to start my own business. I decided to share my new discovery with Slip and Falls Inc. They decided to sign up for the Second Life affiliation reward program and from their, just take a look at their official website. All in thanks to the Second Life and The Second Life Affiliation program. 
I want the same success for all the residents. Which is why, "please respect my privacy because I am very involve with the Second Life to enrich all our lives.


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I looked it up and maybe it is just me but the website url looks iffy. The link is also not secured. The webpage is in the style of Second Life so it tries to look legit but says 2017 all rights reserved. So i hope maybe a Linden (perhaps @Dakota Linden ) can shed some light on this because it feels a bit like a scam. If it is not i will of course amend my post!

EDIT: Whirly showed me that the website actually is legit. It just requires some updating imho.

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I couldn't find the website.
All I could find was the OP's linkedin which was linking to a RL coffee shop web page (actually looking closer it's just a web page template with stock images)  that had an SL advert stuck on it.  Is that the web page?  If so it seems harmless but just doesn't make any sense. 

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