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Marianne Little

BoM style thread (Pictures)

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Yesterday  I started playing around with Bakes on Mesh (BOM).  I picked up the Relay Huds for Maitreya and Catwa, removed my Alpha's and off I went.  Skin was challenging, the only way I could get it work was to find a system skin. I could not get a Maitreya or Omega applier to work at all, despite what I read.   I had some Powderpack skins in my inventory with system appliers, just matched them up with a head applier I found ([PUMEC] gift).  Those worked great!  I didn't get a lot of options for freckles or anything on the body, but my nail beds look perfect. .  My head was much easier, I could use a System or Applier and both worked.   My body has the skin, tattoo, and tan lines, as long as you add them you can keep putting layers on top of each other...no juggling.  Nice!  So I could have a tattoo, sunburn, tan lines, sand and maybe water droplets all on at once...providing of course all of those things have system appliers.  

Below is the list of items I had on yesterday, some of these are older items that either came in a Powderpack or I picked up along the way.

barberyumyum Hair #86
Izzie's Truth Hair Base
Letis Rigel tattoo (BOM)
[PUMEC] System Skin April (BOM)
[PUMEC] Nicole April - GIFT (BOM)
Musa Quartz Eyes #16 (BOM)
Tanline Bikini 3 No Hair (BOM)
Glitzz Zanzi Bikini
Cazimi Protonic Nail Appliers Maitreya - GIFT
ChicChica Corova
Catwa Catya V4.0
Maitreya V4.1
WL: Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim

I am pretty impressed overall, but until my skin gets an update or I find a skin I like better I won't be making the change full time.  

Today...did some skin shopping, found some amazing things at [session].  They have a great BOM body skin...the head I liked wasn't BOM...the appliers work as long as I have the Catwa relay hud on.   Does that mean I have to keep the relay hud on to wear that skin?  I know that a system head skin you don't need the keep the hud up..it didn't have an Omega applier, however I didn't find that worked very well either when I was playing with it yesterday.  1164740800_BakesonMesh3.thumb.png.c9da1bea716b29ffaa46bc4e7a78ab19.png

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After some playing around and demoing skins I found this wonderful skin by Lure that once applied covered the head and body at the same time using the system applier.  My body has  6 layers not including the skin. 
I am really loving BOM!!  

Truth - Ambience 
Yasum *Lara* Ennie skirt & top
Ariskea - Pumpkin Spice Latte
ZOZ - Neon Polish
Catwa Catya V4.0
Maitreya V4.1
WL: Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim Advanced

Lure Rebecca skin Honey
Letis Tattoo - Adrasteia
Izzie's Catwa Natural Eyeshadow
Izzie's Catwa Freckles
Izzie's 10 Neva Eyes Wheat
[session] - Tan lines
[session] - Body Freckles
[session] - Body Moles
[session] - Veins 

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Her Mirror Splinter

New skin from Fallen Gods includes regular system layers AND BoM layers with corrected fingers and toes

Veins, make-up and eyes are BoM as well

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I have been playing with BOM and couldn't be happier, now I can wear so many clothes and makeup I love! 💃




Amara Beauty - Yvette Ivory - CATWA

[theSkinnery] Obscurity eyes - 17

(Chemistry) Natural Blush 

[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [neutra]

[mock]Lucir LipColor Venom [lip 0]

E. Vary Gina Hairbase / BROWN 2


CATWA HEAD Blueberry



:KR: Audra Gown & Dress Set 


A&A Isis Hair Butter Toffee

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