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Kai Lyvingstone

Are there any "Wolfman" style female skins (for Maitreya) out there?

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You know, with like a hairless face/hands and fur on the cheeks/body and pointy ears? idk, sometimes I don't want to be a whole furry and want to just have some face fuzz and big teeth while also looking humanoid. I've looked in the past but I don't ever really even look for human avatar skins so I don't know if there's ever been any. This is the closest one I've ever found and of course, there's no female version. I've seen one in-world and bought it but it's a Kemono body with a Venus anime head so it's not the type of avatar look I want at all. =/ I use a Utilizator 'Normie' head and either a System or a Maitreya body.

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Sadly that store was the only place I found that offered the best wolfman option out there, but I am not sure they even sell it any more. Last time I went to look for the skin and shape though they didn't have the exact skin available for it sadly. Which was the Hybrid Fur skin that was designed to go with the Hybrid Fur Original shape and went with their Wasabi Pills Werewolf Hair which can be modded to fit any shape that they sold at the time. That would be the skin and stuff I would look for and see if they are selling it again. I would actually go back and purchase it from them if they did.

That being said I ended up using this skin because I was going for a teen wolf look and it managed to not look so bad. I just would have preferred the Hybrid.


I have a system head and my av was fully clothed so this fix worked.

I would check the store and see if they have the Hybrid Fur skin back up for sale. Good luck. :)

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Ok I just wanted to do an update on this thread. After I thought more on it and I had some time freed up I decided to look further in to this. I went to Fallen Gods and spoke with a very nice lady there who confirmed for me that both the Hybrid Fur skin and shape as well as the Wasabi Pills Werewolf Hair are no longer being offered for sale as it has not been updated. I even inquired about purchasing the original versions and from my understanding of the conversation the creator is particular about selling older works and creations and sadly not really open to doing it at this time.

I don't run in to that very often as usually most content creators I have personally dealt with are happy that you've taken an interest in their work and quiet willing to sell you the product you are inquiring about. And as I said sadly this just was not the case this time around. So I left it on the note of should that ever change I'd be more then interested in purchasing it because even by today's standards this creators work is still superb in every way. I provided the link to this thread explaining why I originally inquired in hopes perhaps the creator at some point will take a renewed interest in updating that particular product and making it available again to the public.

I always find it sad when great works get lost over the course of time because there has been a lot of great content created out there in SL that is just sadly no longer available today. More often then not because someone left the game and never bothered to list any of their creations on the market. I can say it has happened more often then I care for that I have felt bad for someone new to the game asking me about where I acquired a certain item and I have to tell them I am sorry, but it is no longer available. lol 🥺

Over all after having finished my conversation I decided to look around the store while I still had some time and I did look at the Feather skins they had available and while it may not be exactly what the OP is looking for I must say I did find the Raven version of the Feathers skin the closest to what I would personally use for my wolfman/teen wolf avatar. At the very least it is worth grabbing the demo up in order to see how it actually looks on your avatar before making a purchase.

As I said I did provide them with the link to this thread so if enough people are interested then maybe perhaps the creator will update and renew that series making it available again. One can only hope. It's a wait and see game at this point. In any case this is where I am at with it.

If I come across anything additional that I think will make the grade I will definitely post it. Thank you all for your time. Have a safe, awesome, and blessed day everyone. ;)

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