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NOW HIRING! *** LifeCare :: Maternity and Medical Center


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     LifeCare :: Maternity and Medical Center is a roleplay centered institution founded in 2016 and relaunched in 2019.
Designed after a realistic hospital, our purpose is to offer accurate roleplay and thorough support to every patient, following Moms and Dads through each step of their experience from conception to delivery. We offer support for POOTERBILT, Twisting Fates, Mama Allpa, Deciduan and other HUDs, as well as standard roleplay.

     Our sim is Moderate leaning towards PG. As such, please keep your usernames, group tags, behavior and general appearence appropriate to the sim's rating. 

We are looking for reliable and dedicated staff members to build a new team:
    • Doctors (General, OB/Gyn, Pediatrician, etc.)
    • Midwives and Doulas
    • Nurses
    • Other (Massage Therapist, Childbirth Class Teacher, etc.)

⚠️ No RL experience needed. On-call Doctors and Apprentices welcome!

NOTE: We are currently looking for Co-Owners and Managers to cooperate while the owner is away (GMT +9 with a full-time schedule IRL).
For more information please IM Ɗʀ.Lεηα ღ (HellenaMaezono Resident).

💠 Each staff member should:
    • Be over 90 days old;
    • Be responsible and able to keep appointments;
    • Be accustomed to standard roleplay and basic HUD systems (Mama Allpa, POOTERBILT, Twisting Fates, Deciduan, etc);
    • Be friendly, committed and always willing to keep learning and evolving;
    • Be accustomed to SL emotes and able to express themselves with the use of proper spelling and correct grammar.

💠 Each staff member will
     • Receive their own set of scrubs;
     • Be trained for the first two weeks of employment;
     • Earn 75% of each package and service sold, and the full amount of each tip and donation from their patients;
     • Have a flexible schedule with at least 2 days off per week;
     • Get from 25% to 50% off on each service for them and their family (partner or children).

For those interested, please leave a message below before applying.
To apply, please fill in our application form and leave it in our mailbox over at the Reception, or IM it directly to Ɗʀ.Lεηα ღ (HellenaMaezono Resident)
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business District Juliet/150/148/29

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You can also apply directly via the forums. Quote the following in your reply:


     • SL name:

     • Display name:

     • Gender:

     • Rezz date:

     • Timezone:


     • What position are you applying for? (Doctor, Midwife, Nurse, Other):

     • Do you have any previous experience? Did you attend any school? How long have you been practicing?

     • How much time can you offer to your position? Fill the form below with a list of your possible shifts in SLT:
               (e.g MON: 10AM-12PM SLT)
               » MON:
               » TUE:
               » WED:
               » THU:
               » FRI:
               » SAT:
               » SUN:

               » TOTAL: *** hours/week

     • Why do you think we should hire you? What are your traints, and what can you offer to our patients?

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9 hours ago, HellenaMaezono said:




November 4th 2015


Position applying for other (wherever work is needed)

 Monday 3pm SLT - 6pm SLT

Tuesday 3pm SLT - 6pm SLT

Wednesday 3pm SLT - 6pm SLT

Thursday 3pm SLT -  6pm SLT

Friday 3pm SLT - 6pm SLT

Saturday work when needed

Sunday work when needed

Respect all individual needs of all clients, respect and protect needs of clients safety and confidentiality, Personable, great listener, Flexible, excellent empathy skills, and self awareness, accepting of all people, cultures, races, and religions, excellent problem solving skills, excellent rapport building skills, Effective communication skills, 10 years of experience in the mental health, (nursing homes, adult day care, activities assistant) Going to pursue a BA in Psychology from SNHU and will open a practice in the near future. 





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2 hours ago, mysteriousdots said:

very nice hospital.. empty but nice.. and nobody to say hi to you yet.

Thank you!
Yes... sadly, timezone is a big obstacle for most of us, which is why we are trying to find more staff, so that the hospital is never left on its own. But applications are coming and being reviewed, which is very encouraging 😊

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