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Chief Political Officer- POLITICAL JUNKIES

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I posted a couple days ago looking for Department heads and a few other positions for roles within a Political Project I am starting and to much success have filled every role except for the Chief Political officer. I will repost again a bit of Information on the project and position. If you are politically knowledgable and have a understanding of government or simply are political junkie this is a unique paid position for you and I encourage you to apply.


  • Name
  • Position Interested in?
  • Experience which qualifies you for the position?
  • SL or RL skills that would make you a better fit for the role?
  • Time zone and time availability?
  • Management or Budget experience?
  • Any interest or experience in political affairs?


This is a paid position.





I am looking for people who have experience in SIM/ group RP management. I am starting a new Political/Government themed project that will have a bit of role play in it but for the most part will heavily be involved in managing the finances, policies, infrastructure and running of sim and group. I will be financially backing the group as far as purchasing the land, financing the group but I would like the main council to start making decisions from the start from the budgets to what land we need to buy, activities, what infrastructure is needed, political involvement and so forth.

The group will have full autonomy over the finances, rules, development and every aspect of the project. 

I therefor am looking for a handful of people to act as the first council (Council of Ministers) in order to get things up and started with decision making. Each member of the council will manage the budget for there respective department and vote on each matter that comes before it. The following positions I am Immediately looking to fill before I sit down with the council as a whole are as followed with a description.



Councillor for Political Development: This position requires someone with a understanding of government/political affairs as well as some knowledge of role playing. While the main Idea of the sim is to develop a mock government to run a sim and it's land as opposed to traditional management, minimal elements of Role Play are incorporated here. The head of this department must be knowledgable in political affairs and will be tasked with developing the political infrastructure of the project. 



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 315 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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