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Elvina Ewing

Automatically unlisted items - what's going on?

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Hi Elissa Taka,

Unfortunately, some emails get blocked by email providers spam filters since Second Life sends out thousands of emails a day to users.  Yahoo is notorious for blocking/filtering emails from Second Life, but some other providers may also filter them. 

Customer Support is unable to unblock the item since the item was removed for Legal reasons (Copyright or Trademark), but if you submit a Support Ticket under Marketplace - Marketplace Listing Issues and include that the item was removed under the Intellectual Property Policy, the Customer Support agent can provide you with a way to submit your request to have the item unblocked so that it can be edited. 

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On 10/8/2019 at 2:20 PM, Pussycat Catnap said:

Of course part of my problem was that the company owner was our worst offender... he was one of those 'old guys that rants a lot' and triggered a LOT of his users...

 - We had to ban/block them, and make his own posts vanish in ways that looked like technical glitches... and the never ending race to refine the list was driven by him trying out new ways to be a racist dirty old man on his own customer support forum... And us trying to find new ways to make it look like the forum software was just glitchy...


I can't help wondering just why and how a customer support forum would turn into a discussion (rants) page.

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