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Hiring DANCERS / DJs / Managers [Poison Craft]

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          About [POISON.CRAFT]

We are a women based club,We are a new club on second life , With Club experiences. We want to strive to be different. How are we different? We are the Mistfits , The outcasts. The Ones that bubble gum pop clubs hates bc we dont fit their theme, We want to see those sexy curvy goth girls. Those tight latex wearing women that have power. Or those Babygirls that are sweet but deadly. Either you're pale , and dead looking, wear nothing but black and corsets, or nothing but harnesses , or just showing off how sexy you are, we want YOU. We have open up a place that is beautiful but just for the naughty little Darklings such as yourself. Yes dont worry even want the cute bubble gum pop girls, some times they  dont even fit in AND we will take you cuties too! We want our Patreons to "Pick Their Posion" so if you are the outcast from the other clubs we will love to have you! Either with experiences or you brand new to the scene So come on down grab a application in world remember we are a new different clubs with some same benefits.



 - Friendly Staff/ Environment

                                                                                                                                   -Open Discussions/Class                                        (To Talk and give our self tips to better our selves) 

                                                                                                    -Poison Girl Of the Month                                         (Comes with awesome perks )

                                                                                      - Fun Monthly Events /Theme Days                                          (To Help clients come )

      -Exclusive Girl Benefits

                -Wages Up to 30L-50L an Hour and 80% Tips

           -Access to Discount Photos


- And More!

Location! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empire/107/178/2999

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First 5 Dancers get Their  first week of free ad board rental on there boards. After you are off trial Those who you bring in and recommend and are hired and finish their Trial , you will receive another free week on Your ad board. The More you recommend and have hired the more free weeks you will receive Or ask to be paid out in Ls and use on what you wish! 






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