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Commercial 480m2 (24x20) - 120LI - $L1/w

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Here I come with a project of help and support!

I have 24 parcels with a store building to rent for only one linden!

I have just bought a 1/4 and am looking forward sharing commercial space with anyone it can help! :)

I am open to start finding "tenants" but for now I am at awareness stage ;)

I still have to do some landscaping and to program properly the casperlet.


The land is located in a quiet place, the full sim is almost empty so we can get many avatar on this 1/4 that is located mainland. Moderate rated rules for renting haven't been set up yet but it is not for money business I am doing that so... We will just talk and figure out what will be on the "lease"  [...]

If you want to meet up or have questions message me in game:  Yokor (xenoqc resident)

The stores are on  divided parcels so you will be able to change the music and I am working on a group system that will allow more perms than normal rental.

I am fairly new here so I am learning!


You can come and visit the land!








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