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Does anyone know why the physics of this house changing while the door closing ?


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Creating a House with a rotating door, that takes only 1 land impact.

Added the Physics shape for it, set that as "Prim" after finish uploading,  so can go inside and use the the door which is scripted using this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Smooth_Rotating_Door

Here how it looks.


Even though an avatar can go inside and use the door, there are few problems occurred.

1. Every time the door is closing while the avatar inside, the avatar get pushed away from the house. (Please note that the avatar isn't even closer to the door. It seems like the physics of the house getting change while the door closing).

2. It is hard to enter to the house for more than one avatar.


After lots of trial and error testing, found the issue. It is due to the steps of the "physics" section in mesh uploader.


The following screenshot shows how the house is created for 1 land impact. That means did only the "Step 1: Pick a physics model". Did nothing for Step2 and Step3.




In the above way the house remains for 1 land impact even after attached the door and set those as "prim".

But the two problems mentioned before were happened.


Then tried both step2 and step3 in the physics window as follows.



After done that, it will solved the two problems that mentioned above. Can go inside for more than 3 avatars and the door isn't pushing the avatar away from the house when it closing.


But then the land impact rises to 3 for the same size, even without the door once I set it as a "Prim".


Does anyone know why this physics issue is happened?


Also I'm wondering that is there any way to solve the two problems while keeping it for one land impact.

Such As

1. Is there a way to complete step2 and step3 in the physics window without adding more weight for the mesh?

2. Is there any other door script that doesn't push the avatar away while closing the door, while using the step1 only for physics?


Appreciate for any kind helping.

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There is a long known bug with some of the door scripts. I believe it has to do with "target_omega" but I am not a script person.  I had some issues with this on a house with a "perfect" mesh model. So try replacing your door script and see if that is it.   It is a VERY bizarre issue and when it first appeared (maybe five years ago) it took some of the top mesh folk who really know what they are doing hours to figure out the problem. I was over on Aditi on the mesh sandbox when this was happening :D.   

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In step 2 the triangle based mesh will be decomposed into a set of convex hulls. It's something completely different than what a triangle based mesh is. Triangle based physics work best with very few, and very large triangles. Like in your house. However, the smaller the triangles get, the more expensive they will be. That's why tirangle based physics change their physics weight when scaling the object smaller/larger. Decomposed physics will keep their weight consistent regardless of their size.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1367 days.

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