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Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more!


We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own.


* Be sure that you check our schedule and faculty pages for currently offered classes as we will *not* hire for a class that is currently being taught. *


- Business/Marketing
- Graphic Design
- Blogging 
- Music Production
- Glee Club
- Literature (World or US) 
- Poetry
- Health
- Physical Education
- Culinary Arts
- Babysitter's Club
- Interior Design
- Gardening
- Home Economics
- Wood or Metal Shop
- Foreign Language
- Music Appreciation or Music Theory
- Anime Club
- World Music
- Gaming Club
- Astronomy
- Biology
- Cooking Club
- Oceanography 
- General Science
- DJ Club
- Criminal Justice
- Anthropology 
- Modern World Studies
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Scripting
- Photography
- Art History
- Auto Mechanics
- Cosmetology
- Criminal Justice
- Drivers Education 
- American Football
- Soccer 
- Tennis
- Volleyball
- Boxing
- MMA 
- Equestrian Club


Please visit us on the web to apply:        https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/apply

Campus Information:      https://edenvalleyhighschool.com/

Campus Location:      Eden Valley High School Campus (Click Here)

For more information or a campus tour please contact:        Mr Jesse Magic (Iamsoo Magic)

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Im interested in the job. I would like to apply with the anime since I see a lot of anime and I can help other people get into it or learn new stuff about it plus I love anime on its own so I think I would be very suitable for this position please contact me my username is: KurisuLudwick353/ Chris Williams so please contact me me im really interested


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