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Holodeck items lose phantom status on re-rez

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Hello.  I'm still pretty new with building and using/modifying scripts, etc., so please excuse any simple mistakes or ignorance.

I've built a holodeck and some scenes from scratch using the info and scripts from this SL wiki page...http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Open_Source_Holodeck.

I've used the info and scripts exactly as is, with the exception of building a 20x20x20 shell (instead of 20x20x10), changing the texture NC's as necessary, and I didn't use the door script (as I planned to use a combo of my own doors and phantom prims).  Once I got the hang of it, it's working nicely...for the most part.

The trouble is, once the scene is re-rezzed, the items that were once phantom no longer maintain that property....meaning I can't get to my door or often can barely move within the scene itself.  I've checked for non-phantom child prims and linking of convex hulls, etc. and tried repackaging and re-setting the scene, but still items come back out as non-phantom.  I know the scripts are a little older, so that might be an issue, but haven't been able to locate anything open source that's more recent.  And I'd really hate to start all over again with something different.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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@Wulfie Reanimator, Thank you for the reply!

Well, that would seem to do it!  LOL!

It looks like you're talking about the "internal label script".  Would simply changing those items to TRUE or FALSE fix the issue?  Also, there are some items I DO want to remain non-phantom....will I need to edit all of the scripts in the items individually, creating 2 separate scripts...one for phantom items, one for non-phantom?  Or is there a better way or different script to solve it?

Thank you again!

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