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Resi Pfeffer

Being premium without premium benefits?

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7 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

I one automated renewal that sends me a notice one month before billing and then again one week before billing.  I know why companies don't -- They really don't want to remind you that you could cancel, but it would still be more customer friendly if they did.

Sometimes there is some light in the darkness. While years ago there just have been 12 and 24 month contracts, my ISP offers monthly termination.
Same thing with the cellphone contract. 20 Euro for telephone flatrate and 6GB data volume, terminable every month.
So, there is hope... :)

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So, finally got an answer to the ticket i filed because of that issue.
In short words: "Thank you for your feedback. We will take your opinion into consideration."
As i work for a company what also deals with customers, i know what that sentence means, but at least it was nicely written. :)

Thats where i step aside now, back to Basic and Homesteads. Premium was just a half year adventure for me, and if someone else is bothered by the early loss of the LH, they better get their butts off the sofas. :)

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