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bigmoe Whitfield

Self hosted vendors?

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I know e2v was a thing that could be self hosted,  I am using casper right now, but really need to have a setup that uses a database with mysql,  but I'm lacking in the area of how to build any of this myself.  so question is, what's out there that's turnkey?

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Unlikely you'll find one other than what Casper is. Though you can easily buy hosting that has everything you need, what you're really asking for is a link from SL into that system. Unless you build it yourself, the next best bet may be to hire a scripter to build it for you (in the Wanted or other similar forum).

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First question is of course if you need scripted vendors at all but I suppose you've already considered that.

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If you just want a basic send-to-SQL system, it's not too difficult. 

Before you begin:

  • Learn Linden Scripting Language, or at the very minimum, how to send/receive HTTP requests and parse incoming data.
  • Learn an appropriate server side language that can receive HTTP requests and access SQL (PHP, for instance).


  • Find a host service that provides a web server with SQL.  I use a Virtual Private Server.
  • Create the SQL database(s) with the desired tables and fields.
  • Write your vendor script that sends sales info to your server through HTTP requests.
  • Write server-side web pages (PHP, for instance) to process the HTTP requests and write to SQL.
  • Test it until it works as expected.
  • If you want, develop web pages that display the stored info.


  • Save backups of your database(s) frequently.
  • Grow the system with added functionality.

That's how I did mine, for my own business.

NOTE:  I do not sell my system, it's proprietary.  Nor do I offer to do custom work for this sort of thing.

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