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How Many Items Are in Your Inventory? Are You Keeping Stuff Because of Bakes on Mesh?

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159000, which is a low.  Just haven't been shopping enough.

For it is written, Thy Inventory Shall Always Increase, Never Decrease, Such is the Way of the Fashionista. Deletion is Heresy and Forbidden.  😉


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For the last five or six years or so I try to keep my inventory under 50000.  I don't have anything other than skins left from my system Avatar.  there's only one thing I can think of that I would have liked to have had for the bakes on mesh and I can't find it in my inventory and I couldn't find it in the shop, the company is still in business.  But this item does not show up on their redelivery system, either.  It was a pink T-shirt with a tango applier and it said PINK across the boobs in gold sequins.  It was a really nicely textured item.  So I have a sad 😞 for that.  Other than that one item though I can't really think of anything that bakes on mesh will affect me with unless it's something that we can use to have multiple tattoos and skin features like stretch marks, makeup and blemishes.

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On 9/7/2019 at 9:19 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

Current inventory is 117,167. Firestorm shows that as (91,142 / 21,994), which I think means I have 91,142 items scattered throughout 21,994 folders (not gonna catch me having  FLAT inventory issues).

I have my main folders -- clothing, hair, shoes, vehicles, landscaping, furniture/decorations, building stuff, etc..., which are all further broken down into many sub-folders & sub-folders (especially clothing).   I also have a 'To Sort' folder, which actually contains sub-folder to match each of my main inventory folders.  That one is starting to get a bit out of hand because I have been really lazy about sorting lately, barely doing any sorting over the last many months - I really have a self-discipline problem when it comes to inventory sorting.

I do still have a 'Old Clothing' folder that contains some old system & flexi outfits.  I've been working my way through it, keeping BoM in mind, but honestly either the quality of the system clothing item isn't great or the CI of the outfit is huge because of the flexis. So, far, the only thing I have kept are some cute fantasy outfits that are mostly full body tattoos with only a few flexi or mesh attachments.  Also, if I run across an outfit that I had forgotten about that isn't practical to wear anymore, due to the CI, but would make a cute picture, I stuff that into another folder. 

I thought about the old clothing last night as I came across a few system outfits. A couple of questions came to mind:

1. The old system tank tops had those uneven lines in the straps...are they still going to be all tweaked? If so, mine will be tossed.

2. While BoM will accommodate old system clothing, what about sculpted items? (Sleeves, pant legs, etc.) 

And to stay on topic (ha), my inventory currently sits at 36,689. However, there are many, many thousands of items in storage boxes.


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