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Tinydollz Magic

Open-stage DJ's / Singers Wanted (No Schedules!)

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Welcome to Hempire Desire, a BRAND NEW Premium Member Only Hangout with Open-stages scattered throughout the Photographic Neon City.

Optional Public Nudity, Public Sex, Drug Use and Alcoholic Consumption. Ages 18 + Only. Vibe, Flirt, *****!

Hempire Desire is a place to hangout, listen to music, voice chat and relax in a judgement free environment. It was created after our regular smoking spot we visited grew too big and lost some of it's original vibe. We are passionate about everything that we do here, and it shows.

I am looking for DJ's or Singers that are passionate about their sound and know how to draw a crowd. DJ's or Singers can stream whatever whenever they please at Hempire Desire with a laid back no schedules approach. Less work, more play! Simply choose a stage that suits your mood and send out a notice in the group so people know you're playing!

I am currently working alongside a very talented and professional programmer on a great script for an open-stage DJ system, so our existing system is soon to be replaced by something a lot more user friendly with the added bonus of extra features that just aren't available on the market yet. So if you're keen to be a part of this experience please contact either Tinydollz Magic (AUSTRALIA) or AstridKate (USA) for a DJ tag or simply come by for a visit.

Limited Accommodation and Shop Rentals Available.

Come check us out: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Down Under/165/159/22


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I took a walk around the sim earlier today - A nice build, with its "spaces" overlapping and giving a kind of "Blade Runner" feel to the place. I briefly met Tinydollz on my arrival and while we only had time for a short chat it was a good one. There are several DJ stations around the place but of course as a live performer I'd be more likely to be leaning on a wall with my guitar around my neck and a cig either dangling outta my muzzle or clipped between the strings on the headstock of the guitar :)

I'm still thinking about whether or not I'd play there, but DJs and performers looking to add a venue to their rotation could certainly do worse. For that reason, although I'm in no way associated with the venue's owners, it seemed only fair to pass on my impressions for the benefit of other performers. The "proof of the pudding" as they say, will be in whether it gets the people in to listen - and, we hope, potentially tip. As it's a new location we have no idea on that aspect yet, of course, but it sure can't hurt to give the place a try if you've got a way your performance might fit in with the ambience of the place :)

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