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Higher Order is now taking applications for Host/ess and DJ positions. All positions are 100% tips. Experience is preferred by not required. None experienced must be at least 30 days old or have a firm understanding of the platform that is Second Life from an older avatar account. The location also serves as a development and training ground for Live Mix University. Staff members will have the option to work with Live Mix University if they so choose. Club location is on a mature region of mainland. Agent limit is based on Linden Labs settings of 44 avatars to the region. The club will be voice active 24/7 with the only exceptions for any special guest live singer performance. This is not a strip club but a dance club for hangout, showcase your talent, learn, mentor others, and build lasting relationships. This is the place to be who you are without judgement. Critical feedback and aid in development is welcome however disruptive "bullying", "hackling", ect will not be tolerated. Grand Opening date set for 9-11-19. 

Host/ess positions:

-- No gestures - You must be able to interact via talking (mic) or text with guests

-- Just like and real life club, voice is active at all times in the club.

-- Personal hosts to a DJ are allowed. See personal host application. 


-- Personal stream required (SHX Shoutcast/Icecast board in use) 

-- Just like and real life club, voice is active at all times in the club.

-- Genre limitation: No Rap or Heavy Metal. 

-- In the future genre specific days will be work out

-- personal host are welcome through application of a personal host. 

Higher Order SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/212/146/2602

Higher Order Owner: Hɨʍαţα Iηđιgσ - Eℓℓsʍєrє (takushima resident)  --- please send completed applications to owner. 

Application response time: 24 hours or less. Applications are located inside the club on your right. 

Higher Order Club logo.jpg

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