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Evelin Mortmagus

I can't get into second life.


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11 minutes ago, Evelin Mortmagus said:

If you fell error please contact

the answer what to do is in your own post....

you can log in here, so instead of sending a email you can create a ticket in the support portal ( link is on every main page of the forum)

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@Evelin Mortmagus,

That message indicates that Linden Lab has issued an IP ban or a "hashtag ban" against your computer.  There are three possible scenarios that can cause this.

  1.  You, or someone who uses your computer, committed some very serious violation of the Terms of Service or other LL policy. 
  2. LL *thinks* that a violation has been committed, but made a mistake.  This does not happen often, but it's possible. 
  3. LL issued an IP ban against someone else, and your IP address was mistakenly caught up in the action. 

In all of these possible situations, your action is the same:  file a support case with LL requesting information on why the ban was issued, and appealing their decision.

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