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Concurrency Statistics no longer available?

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This thread may not be the correct place for this post, but something seems to have happened to the online concurrency data for SL.

The two sites I have used for years, Second Life Statistical Charts and e****up are both longer showing online numbers. The former site has not updated in over 24 hours and the latter is showing no data at all for the past 48 hours. So I am curious if this has anything to do with any changes made by LL to their data output?

Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain what is happening?

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Since the forum ate my post I'll repeat it.

Thanks Whirly, I've found a couple of other stats sites that are properly updated as well as your link, so what fate has befallen Tateru Nino's and the e***sup site goodness knows.  I'll add this url to my favourites as well, so  thanks once again.  Fingers crossed that the server has had its dinner by now and is not hungry! :D

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