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Oh, THAT kind of camping!  When I read your title, I thought this was about camping for $L or merchandise...those places where you sit for long periods in order to win some sort of prize.

Unicorn Forest Camping Area

Prim River National Forest

Adventure North Wilderness Campgrounds (costs $L10)

Benny's Camp Fire


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there's a website called SL Destination with a scoopit domain. it has a keyword search feature and they literally post each and every new and old pretty sim out there ❤️ i use it all the time and it has helped me discover a tooon of beauties. give it a try ^^ 

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On 8/29/2019 at 9:11 AM, Sandra8675 said:

I wish to try to go camping...  We have a tent so I would like to be able to rez the tent and a few camping things like fire, chairs, etc.

Does anyone have locations that are nice you can recommend inword to go camping? 

At the SL Public Land preserve you can join the group for short-term camping for a donation or get a long-term rental. This is the headquarters where you can pick up the notecard of listings.


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@ Lindal Kidd:      !!! The Links Old.... Unicorn Forrest Camping Area is MOVED!!!    That is a privat adress...from me and 5 kidds.


Unicorn new LM Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary  , Lost Unicorn (228, 221, 23) - Moderat

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