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Duplex club - Looking dj and host


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First of all, I have no malicious intent or In any way try to defame duplex club management in all its content. I will be honest against what happened and I will speak up as I have the rights to review the place that I have experience on. 

First,  I will give all my honesty so that anyone who wanted to apply know the risk that they are taking.

In my experience, One of the manager that supposed to guide me and help me in my work was disrespectful and not very helpful with my work knowing it was my first time working in this kind of field.  I could bare with it and pull through it for a while until I could not take it anymore and telling him this is not how you treat a person who is in training.

Yet, Instead of "investigating" what happened as something that head manager should do, the head manager was attacking me and saying i was rude and disrespectful for defending myself against this disrespectful manager saying that they are family and they will stick together. of course this was very unprofessional, however we cant expect much on SL.

Djwide on the other hand wasnt able to speak english which is a minor inconvenience as most of the people in the management team arent able to speak english as well. Only some are able to understand.

Another thing is that, they will kick you without further investigating against what happened. Which I think is not a good work ethic knowing if there's an issue, the head management should try and investigate and then take actions.

In my case. Not long after this issue happened, the truth is out. One of the worker speak up against this person's behavior and I was not the only one who experience this person's rude words and inappropriate actions. And DJwide was the only one who apologize as an owner should be which i really appreciate and understand, However DJwide did not represent his whole team and he is not the only person who should apologize. After demanding professionalism, the head manager did not acknowledge her mistake and refuse to apologize for what happened which is something that is very very unethical.

I hope that everyone who read this knows that if someone was rude and being inappropriate to you never be afraid to speak up and let them know that if you have done nothing wrong then you deserve better. This has been my experience working in duplex management and I want you to take notes. Whatever your experience is, everyone deserve to know and hope if its bad then they dont have to repeat what happened to you.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 706 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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