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WolfBaginski Bearsfoot

A note on viewer versions and the end of UDP asset fetching.

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Early in July, the ancient use of the UDP protocol for asset fetching was turned off. Actively supported viewers should be OK, but some still used viewers did stop working. The Lumiya viewer for Android is one example, though you can still use it for text-only access. But, I'll be honest, the silence on which viewers would continue working was disappointing. Linden Lab was making two rather old viewers available, one for obsolescent versions of Windows, one for Linux. Nothing was said.

Over the weekend, I chanced on some specific info on version numbers, nothing really new but since nobody was bothering, I figured it was worth pointing.

The project started in April 2016, so it's unlikely that any viewer dated before that will function. Nobody bothered to say anything, but the obsolescent-Windows viewer is dated 2015

The new info I came across is that Firestorm v5.0.7 required the UDP functions. It was routinely deactivated, but that gave me something to look for. It was released in June 2017. The needed code change would be in the Linden Viewer, but when it appeared there, I don't know.

The Linux viewer left available by Linden Lab is dated November 2017, but I have never been able to get it working on my Linux box. It might not depend on UDP, but since nobody has ever said, either way...

Firestorm v5.0.11 appeared late January 2018, and had the asset fetching updates, then expected to take effect soon, not some eighteen months later. That version is now blocked from accessing Second Life.

I reckon that any viewer from 2017 or earlier is now useless for Second Life. But if you have a specific counter-example, please let us know.

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