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Mucky Puddles

Puddlechurch Estates - Private homes to rent on professionally landscaped regions

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Fully Landscaped scenic regions

Various property styles & sizes to suit all budgets

Privacy via integrated security system

Access to the entire Puddlechurch Estate

Access to surrounding waters for sailing etc.

Puddlechurch Café, community voice hub/meeting point


To view all currently available parcels, including waterfront, woodland & private islands

Visit the rental office in-world or online @ http://puddlechurch.net/rentals



As featured here

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Gorgeous affordable homes on our tropical island sim. these holiday homes get all the privileges and access to the Puddlechurch Estate at a low price. Please watch our video below to experience the Rustic Chic of Puddlechurch Retreat


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Puddlechurch Estates – Autumn 2019 Pricing

In conjunction with the opening of our new region ‘Puddlechurch Heath’ we are pleased to announce that we have recently reviewed our pricing structure and are now able to offer the following;

Large Homes - L$2199 with 1000li allowance
Maxi Homes – L$1999 with 800li allowance
Mid Home – L$1799 with 600li allowance (our most popular!)
Entry Home – L$1499 with 400li allowance. 

Building & landscaping land impact are not deducted from the aforementioned allowances, prims advertised above are entirely yours to use.

We are also able to offer other lower cost homes, priced per application. 
Please check the website for current availability. 

Puddlechurch Autumn 2019 Pricing.jpg

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