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World Oceans Day Parade, Hosted by the "Blake Sea Marine Parade" group

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You don’t want to miss Second Life's Lighted "World Ocean's Day Parade" and Holiday Celebrations in Linden Waters starting on Monday, June 8, 2020. The week long parades will begin each day at areas near you all over SL and will feature festive lighted floats, fireworks, music and live singers as well as appearances from some of your favorite artist. Large crowds of spectators looking to bask in the holiday spirit are anticipated along the published route as parade entries make their way from the Blake Sea Marine Parade Group Headquarters to your home, marina, beach, or Sim location.

The magical atmosphere from the parade will sail slowly and continuously during the day and into the night as fireworks explode along the waterfront across the Blake Sea, North Channel, Dire Straits,  Nautilus, Bingo Strait, and other adjoining waters for celebrations across Second Life. 

This will be the First Annual World Ocean's Day Parade of SecondLife. Join our growing group training sessions soon. Our class offers live parade training where you are given a boat to operate. Our goal is to give you actual experience driving / sailing along and behind other boats. We help you aguire and learn how to navigate using waypoint maps and rules of the road. 

We have a very unique and simple communications system for boat operators & shoreline spectators to hear our many entertaining Singers and Dj Live Radio Broadcast during the events. You will have access to the Grand Mashal's Live Parade Stream. Our daily Practice Parade (training parade) Live Broadcast link is on the web at: Click Here to hear Broadcast Live . 

We are accepting parade positions and roles as follows: Singers, Dj's, News Broadcasters, Photographers, Videographers, Grand Marshals, Event Coordinators. 

Come visit our World Headquarters (HQ) in SL soon. 

Join our group the Blake Sea Marine Parade

List of Singers / DJ's with links to thier Live Stream. These are people who support and have joined our group.

Belinda Portland - 

Negralanuit - 

Zoe Scavvarie-Zey - 

Seraphina Fleur -

'ZZ Bottom'  - 

 Country In Me - 

Wayvz Carver - 

DJ Night - Stream Link :




Welcome To The Blake Sea Midnight.JPG

Welcome To The Blake Sea.JPG


I Love A Parade.png

BSMP HQ North Channel.png


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1377 days.

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