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CCS / DCS2 Gone? (I’ve been under a rock; IE Not on SL)

Etalia Cristole

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I just signed back into SL after a few years break.  Just noticed CCS and DCS2 are dead apparently?   I do see a lot of sims advertising they are still using the huds but mine are outdated and I’m looking for a place that still has updates if possible (or does it not matter as they won’t work anyway?)

I have CCS version 1.0.4

And DCS 2 version 2.99.55

I have a lot of products by “LR WEAPONS” which are all updating automatically when I equip them, and say CCS/DCS2, so someone is still supporting the meters.  I believe they also work on GM which updated fine when I put on that meters hud.  I guess anything dynamic channel (like GM) or collision based (ccs/dcs2) according to the notecard.

If there are still CCS/DCS2 sims that have terminals that deliver the huds can someone point me in the right direction?

What does everyone use for SL combat meters now-a-days and are they compatible with CCS/DCS2 hit detection weapons?

Vitae was a great system too but that ended years ago, even before I left.  It was much better than that bloodlines garbage, which I hope is dead by now too, not like I would ever equip that spam meter ever again.

I also used MCE, KROS, LaRPS, Osiris, GLM, Spellfire, and Assassins Grid, but don’t think any of them are still around either?  Am I wrong?  I have also seen “URA” and “Chaos” but they too seem to be dead.

The glory days of SL are definitely over.  LL should have bought up at least one of the better made meter systems and incorporated it into SL, but they ignored my suggestion years ago.  It’s funny, I wonder how much money they threw out the window by letting most of the well known meters fail without having a decent stock SL rp meter as replacement.  Such a shame the mismanagement of things, and yet they wonder why SL is basically dead.  If the consulting company I own only had the money to buy SL I would do so and fix things, but that’s not in the cards.  It truly feels like the end, but then again I’ve heard that for years and here we are today.  Definitely not what it used to be though, and most of the sims I used to visit are all gone.  It’s sad.


Thanks in advance for the information.



Edit:  I just made my way to the shop run by that LR guy who made all my main Melee weapons.  He has a giver box with “zCS Combat System”. Anyone know what that’s all about and if it’s used by anyone?  I will have to look into it but any information would be appreciated.  

He also has one for GM so I guess that’s still in use, which I kind of figured as the hud updated when I equipped it earlier.


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I'm not entirely sure what EXACTLY happened. But my guess is The owner of DCS.. may have left SL even both her sims DCS Island and Toxian City are gone. I mean the DCS meter is still around... but not sure if its  working or supported anymore. As for CSS  I don't think the owner left. I'm just not sure what's going on there.. maybe someone who is close to them can can explain further. Sadly, bloodlines is still around -.-  the GM meter is still around and there's a new meter in gor called ZCS.

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DCS is dead. CCS i'm pretty sure is inactive which gave birth to XCS...The lvling combat systems are heavily abused where people will leave their computer on camping the same sim for 24 hours 7 days a week... The combat isn't really worthwhile.

That said I'd recommend trying out ZCS (Zone Combat System) or WWM (Wild West Meter). If you're looking for more of an urban theme go Wild West, Medieval ZCS. No lvling or BS involved you just get right into it.

Unity Meter/Cornerstone is around as well, however it is more tournament based. 

Groups for tournaments (L Prizes) - United Jousters, Medi-Fantasy Events & Information, and Gorean Tournament Guild

RP groups - Victorious Raiders,  and  *Old West *


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 477 days.

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