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LF Text Escort Mentor

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I'm looking for someone willing to teach me the ins and outs of becoming a successful text escort. I've attempted to teach myself but can't seem to make any progress. Any tips or help would be much appreciated! ❤️

Inworld my name is Meredyth Voxx (hazardoushenna)

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All you have to do is practice painting a vivid mental picture and describe every detail. Imagine in your head that you are witnessing what is happening, then describe what you see it in as much detail as possible. Though not "escort" fodder, an example would be:

  • Simple way: "/me scowls at you angrily."
  • Detailed way: "/me glares at you from under her eyebrows with a look that would set you on fire if it were possible, nostrils flaring, and down-curled lips quivering rapidly in absolute anger."

See the difference? Picture the image clearly in your head, then describe the image is as much detail as you can. As though describing what you see to a blind person, or someone on the phone.

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