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NEW  real estate business SL venture.

This is a unique approach to the current SL real estate market, an exciting project, unlike others.

Property Search is looking to bring on professional staff members to assist the excellent management team now working. 

We are looking for a few small common requirements:

  1. Active in SL for 1 yr or more (under 1 yr in SL? talk to us about possible training for position which will be a good fit for you)
  2. Available during the SL daytime hours (8 am - 5 pm SL time)
  3. Able to access our company management website
  4. Work your shift at our staff area on our land region required to collaborate
  5. While working, please wear pg rated business attire to present professional work place
  6. Include notecard with brief resume (does not have to be real estate related > include where have worked, type job, or reason applying, etc)

We offer the following:

  1. A solid base weekly pay in L$ (range is based on the individual)
  2. Bonus payments available when goals are reached
  3. Option to use some of our land for your home
  4. Your own SL computer equipped work cubicle in either Marketing or Sales Department buildings
  5. Flexible work schedules, as long as required work is completed timely
  6. SL business strategy and training from our experts

This is not a role play exercise.  Forget the club type work and learn a great SL trade. Only people who plan to assist with a serious project are needed.

If business-style job in SL is a desired goal and you want to join an exciting project, please contact me, GinaLogan.

PropSearch Office.jpg

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13 hours ago, roxanne069 said:

No, I didn't the person that interviewed me said she would pass on my information and that she would put the good word in for me to get hired. I never heard back anything from anyone there.

Sounds amazingly unprofessional. A *professional* organization will always contact *everyone* to let them know their status, whether they are still in the running (process of elimination multiple interviews, etc.) or if the position has been filled (so you don't keep wondering and can move on.)

Real Estate in Sl is a dead-simple process: Owner of there "business" creates a group, "Agents" are added to the group in manager roles (and can buy and sell land for the group), everyone else are in different roles of the group. The group dividends are then paid out to the group members (how the "employees" are paid). So the "Company web site" portion and all that? Not so sure that's necessary or how it would be "managed" since most web sites that list SL parcels are autonomous scripts that scrape from an Alt's account dashboard under the "group-owned land" portion. //Just saying.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1377 days.

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