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30 minutes ago, djm2154 said:

Can I have two viewers downloaded Second LIfe and Firestorm

You not only can, but you should.  You will find that there are times when the tools in one viewer are a lot better for doing some important job (like photography or building) than the tools in another one.  You'll also find that it's very helpful to be able to switch viewers when you are having some technical problem, to help narrow down possible solutions. (In fact, if you are using the Firestorm viewer and have a technical problem, the Firestorm tech crew will often ask, "Does the same thing happen when you use the LL viewer?" (Linden Lab's support staff will ask the same thing.)  

Your inventory, friends list, avatar appearance parameters, and other important files are all stored in Linden Lab databases, where you can access them with any viewer you choose.  

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And you can run more than one viewer at the same time. I often run one copy of Firestorm (FS) and log into the main grid and another copy to log into the Preview Grid.

If you log two or more viewers into the main grid at the same time you MUST use different accounts. If you try to use the same account, the second log in forces the previous to log out.

You do have to change a setting in the LL viewer and, I think, the FS viewer to allow additional copies to run.

Running more than one viewer puts a load on your computer. Two and three year old computers can handle two viewers running pretty well.

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