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Chuckey Jigsaw

Viewer keeps asking to allow stream

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Hey guys! 

I know I've disabled this sometime before but I just can't remember how.

Everytime I want to start the music stream on different parcels it keeps asking: "Do you want to remember your choice and [LCONDITION] allow music from this source?" Followed by the buttons: Allow, Deny, Whitelist, Blacklist. 

It's really freaking annoying and I know it's probably a very simple solution for this (and I'm also going to facepalm a lot), but if anyone could lend me a hand here..? xD 

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20 minutes ago, Kardargo Adamczyk said:

Assuming you use Firestorm, the setting is found at Preferences > Sound & Media > Enable media filter (increased security)


all done...

have fun ;)

I KNEW it was just as simple.. ~facedesks~ This is really embarrassing. :$

THANK YOU! :SwingingFriends: 

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