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2 hours ago, HoneyLove004 said:

Some of the folders for my outfits are missing, I have the outfit name but no outfit. How can I get these back?

Have you relogged yet?
Did you clear your cache?
HAve you looked at https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory  (which can be helpful, even if you don't use Firestorm)

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I had the same problem....and the root cause of it is the default size of Firestoms cache is way too small  so go to setting  network and files....and in the document tab make your cache much bigger.....I tripled the size of mine.....before you leave that page......there is a reset button for the cache.....reset then reboot and go to an area that has no one around so you can upload all of your outfits into Firestorm......I had no problem with the SL viewer.....it always showed all the items in all my outfits. Simple fix   increase the cache size.....reset Cache....and reboot and done.

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