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What is RLV? How does it work? What do I need to make it work?


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RLV is a system that lets you control some of the things you can usually only do with your viewer from scripts. It lets you control your attachments and clothing layers and it also lets you control other things like what you can see, what you can say and hear, and where you can go.

To make it work you need an RLV viewer, and you need to enable RLV in it.

You then need the scripts that make it do its stuff. RLV scripts will only work on the owner of the object they're in (they use the LSL command llOwnerSay to send RLV commands to the viewer).

RLV is often used to let other people control things like your clothes and to capture you (make you sit on an object without the option of standing up). To let this happen you need an RLV relay. This is a scripted device (sometimes a collar, sometimes a HUD, and sometimes something else entirely) that listens to broadcast chat commands and converts them to llOwnerSay commands that go to you viewer.

Although RLV is best known as a BDSM tool, it is enormously useful for automating a lot of the things you do with your viewer. Without an RLV relay it is entirely under your control, though you are vulnerable if you put on an attachment that has someone else's RLV scripts in it. If you find yourself in an RLV situation you're unhappy with, you can always log out, relog using a non-RLV viewer, and then remove any offending RLV attachments.

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Several good explanations. I'll add another from a different viewpoint.

Your viewer has something like 3,000 controls. These are only available to you from your keyboard. No one else can use those controls.

RLV - Restrained Love Viewer is a custom viewer. The custom viewer has code built-in to allow a number of controls to be accessed by another user. For various reasons control is only passed through a "relay", which is a scripted object you own and wear or not. A number of relays are available for free. Most BDSM collars, rings, other things have a relay built in. Relays have controls to allow you to say who can do what.

The RLViewer proved so popular other third party viewers adopted the code and built RLV into their viewers. So, we have a good number of RLV capable viewer brands.

The Lindens haven't decided to add RLV to the default Linden made SL Viewer. They decided to provide a number of RLV types of control via an alternate method we call Experiences.

RLV is much older than Experiences. So, there is more stuff made for RLV than Experiences. The downside of that is RLV is so old it is pre-mesh. Using RLV with mesh bodies has a number of problems as the scripts do not understand mesh bodies. Ways to compensate are being devised. But, that places some ownious on the individual user to learn how to make their new generation mesh body work with old generation RLV. See: Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use

Very few people are using Experiences in the diverse ways RLV is used. I think the lack of grid wide Experiences has delayed the adoption of Experiences. One task RLV is used for is the Stargates. With RLV you activate the gate and walk through, poof you teleport. The gates are objects placed in various regions, one creator and many owners. With Experiences and no grid-wide key every gate would have to have its own key and Experience owner. No easy use...

So, RLV is a mix of pain, frustration, and fun surprises, increased ability, sexy stuff, and more. And unfortunately... not many people in SL know how to use it.

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KT Kingsley's given you a pretty good description.  RLV is an acronym for the "Restrained Love Viewer".  It's a third party viewer that contains a lot of functions that give you the ability to let another person control a lot of the aspects of your Second Life experience.  RLV functions are also included in many other third party viewers, like Firestorm, but they are NOT found in the stock Linden Lab viewer.

So, the first thing to do if you want to explore RLV is to download and install a third party viewer.  In the viewer's Preferences, you'll find a setting to enable RLV (or you may see it as RLVa).  Check that box, then quit and re-log.

Next, find an RLV relay device.  No need to spend a lot of money, try getting one of the free collars that use the Open Collar system.

Read the notes that come with your collar.  Also, here is Marine Kelly's blog (she's the inventor of RLV): http://realrestraint.blogspot.com/

Once you've done all that, find a friend you trust, hopefully someone who is familiar with using RLV, and experiment!  I don't recommend simply going to a BDSM hangout and putting yourself in the hands of the first dom you meet.  Many of them don't know any more about RLV than you do, and even those who do may want to play games that you're not comfortable with.

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One old use of RLV is if you have a friend with trouble moving / following you, perhaps due to “lag”. In ancient days when my SL family hung out, one would be tethered to another (with generally hilarious results) so she did not have to work to follow while she was tipsy.

A side effect of RLV is that (like an Experience), it is “persistent”. Meaning, with certain scripts/objects, it remembers who controlled it in the past. This can have interesting consequences.  Once, in a club, someone teleported in and was instantly tethered to me; where I went, they were forced to follow. Neither of us remembered interacting before; I had to click on their collar and select “Release” (or similar) to get it to stop.

So, I had been put on their owners/controllers list from a previous interaction. It could happen to you or your friends, should you wish it or use RLV irresponsibly.

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