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174 Prims Protected Waterway Parcel - Navigable to Blake Sea $200L/per Week

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Cute little Mature rating Mainland water parcel with navigable sailing access to the Blake Sea & Bingo Straights. Great for piers, boathouses, mesh beach or skyboxes. Quiet neighbors. Can keep the pier on the parcel or I can remove it. 

Only LL TOS and land rating rules apply.174 prims 512m $200L/ per week. Minimum Rental 1 week, maximum 4 weeks. Longer rentals can be arranged plus discount.

You'll have to join 'Cheap AF Rentals' group and land will be set to the group for rez rights. Can add tenants to the paybox. Can add your friends to the group for permissions. Paybox on site. 


  • Change parcel name/description
  • Toggle Edit Terrain, Fly, Object Entry, Build, Run Scripts - Set Auto return
  • Set photo, toggle pushing, Safe, Show in Search, parcel category
  • Set Media/Music
  • Toggle Access Lists/Ban lines
  • Set Experiences

Visit Today!

Contact CheekiChica Resident if interested. Anything else I can do, please ask. 


Edited by CheekiChica

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