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Male (Gianni/Omega compatible) skin with black body hair

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Alright so,


I've been using my stray dog skins for ages, the only problem I have is it only offers brown body hair as an option. Either that or none at all. My solution to that was or rather is male body hair appliers that take up my tattoo layer. Problem is I'd like to use the tattoo layer for tattoos, lol. 

I spent a solid 3 hours today (and more every other week) searching all over SL, inworld stores as well as marketplace stores and found the same stuff I already have - no hair or brown hair (visited the biggest, most known stores at that).


Oh yeah, I prefer pale skins. Don't know if that's relevant but oh well. And I'm using a catwa head. I don't like to deal with messy neck seams.


So yeah! Help? Please?

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Pick up some demos of Birth skins in tone 01. Their body appliers have multiple body hair styles and colour options, including black:


As a bonus, the body appliers also include separate, tintable body hair only appliers, which can be used on other skins. I know you prefer not to use that option, but I'll mention it here for any guys who may come across this post in future.

Tone 01 is my favourite shade that they do. I don't have a recent image showing it with black hair, but this is the 'Dakota' head applier for Catwa and the body applier (using the 'trimmed light' brown body hair option) in tone 01:


(Shown on Legacy body, but the Signature applier is just as good, and an excellent fit against Catwa heads.)

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